Unlimited Career Growth Highgate is a privately-held Hotel Management Company who offers challenging career options and exceptional career growth. Associates who show excellent performance are developed and directed into a career path that is beneficial to themselves and to the company.

Multiple–Brand Experience Highgate gives you the opportunity of working with a variety of major Hotel brands which will help you enrich your expertise and develop an understanding of multiple brands within the industry.

Long-Term Career Possibilities Whether your interests lie in Hotel general management, sales, food and beverage or multi-unit operations, you can switch brands without switching your employer. You can build years of impressive experience in many different lodging segments - and enjoy the benefits of working for one employer.

Your Chance To Make An Impact Highgate as a company is large enough to offer you endless opportunities and career growth, but small enough to value and appreciate the contributions of all associates. Highgate associates know that their hard work is noticed and their contributions are recognized.

Inspiring Leadership Highgate's leadership team has extensive years of experience in the Hospitality industry. All Highgate managers are highly respected professionals who deliver premium results.

Taking the Pulse of the Workforce Annually, Highgate offers a confidential, online associate survey that helps us measure key elements of employee satisfaction and engagement so we can target areas for improvement in our work environment.

Welcoming New Associates from Acquisitions Acquisitions play an important role in Highgate's strategy for long-term growth, and they are critical in developing Highgate's portfolio of successful Hotels. We take care to welcome the associates of our acquisitions into the Highgate family, where they can benefit from expanded personal development and career opportunities. In fact, some of our senior leaders originally joined Highgate from acquired companies.

Associates of a company that is being acquired can feel overwhelmed by the experience. Highgate uses an innovative human resources model to introduce newly acquired associates to the company culture and make them feel at home. Communication is a vital component of this on-boarding process. As soon as an acquisition is announced, a Highgate Team is dispatched to the acquired site. The team meets with associates to walk through the integration process and timeline, making sure they know what to expect in the upcoming weeks and resolving any urgent professional or personal concerns.

Engaging the managers of the acquired company is also a key part of the process. In doing so, Highgate tries to involve these managers in the process of on-boarding the rest of the acquired associates. We work with the management team to integrate the new associates into our compensation structure.

When most acquisitions close, we hold an onsite orientation meeting to ensure a smooth integration process for the new associates. This helps them become productive quickly, and assures them that a support structure is there when they need it. The New Associate Orientation includes information on a range of areas, including Highgate benefits, policies, and workplace resources.